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About Us


The secret of great style is to feel great in whatever you wear!

Fashion is like an expression that speaks for your personality without having you say anything. If you are a fashion-conscious person, then Ruffled Raps is what you need in your life. Established as a one-stop-shop for all your sensational clothing needs, we take pride in offering the finest quality clothing at the most reasonable prices possible.

At RuffledRaps, we believe “every day is a fashion day, and the world is your runway,” so choose your style and clothing accordingly.


Who We Are

RuffledRaps is your one-stop shop when it comes to exquisite quality of garments that are timeless and chic clothing options. Established in 2020, our history is way older than our establishment. If you are into exceptional quality clothes without splurging too much, then we have outstanding deals for you. The online retail business is based in Australia and focuses on offering elegant and timeless women’s fashion clothing.


Our collection embodies the perfect Australian lifestyle offering our clients the ideal getaway to represent their stupendous style.


What We Offer

RuffledRaps is a virtual space on the digital platform where dreams come to reality. We offer an extensive and exotic range of women’s clothing options to choose from according to your epic style. From  jumpsuits to dresses, casual wear, jeans, tops, and many more, we have something for everyone.


After all, life is too short to wear boring clothes. 

So, we dive deep into our customers’ demands and needs and provide prestigious clothing ideas accordingly.


Meet the Team

RuffledRaps is the brainchild of Gemma, who founded it to establish a brand that gets inspiration from the modern woman. She discovered her veiled passion for contemporary styling and the latest fashion while working as a makeup artist back in 2002. She was assigned duty in the wardrobe department while working in the West End in London and from there did many tours all over the UK. She cemented her passion when she was head hunted by Disney on Ice in 2007 as the Head Of Wardrobe. 

After working for good five years with the company and travelling around the globe, she moved back to Australia to settle there, where she lay the foundation of RuffledRaps in 2020. Initially, Gemma started her business with limited products, including scrunchies and bands for children. But that was just not enough to express her passion for clothing, so she moved ahead with her brand and transformed it into a women’s clothing boutique.


The Idea behind RuffledRaps

RuffledRaps is your digital retail store where you can find a balance between quality and prices. RuffledRaps was established with the sole purpose of providing women some classic yet chic clothing ideas within affordable ranges. Before establishing the business,  Gemma did a market study to estimate various aspects.

The results of the market study revealed that there is a gap in the market between quality and prices. If you go for a reasonably priced clothing option, you have to compromise on the quality of the fabric. While on the other hand, there are high-end stores, brands, and boutiques that offer quality and a higher price. So to provide affordable clothing options to women without compromising the quality, Gemma came up with the idea of RuffledRaps.



                                             Mission Statement


To provide the finest quality, chic and enduring apparel at modest rates to deliver the ultimate client satisfaction.


                                               Vision Statement


To transform our brand into a walk-in closet to serve a diverse clientele base with a persistent approach to growth and attainment of financial goals.




                                                    Our Values


 Exceptional products


We take pride in offering our clients an assorted range of products ranging from jumpsuits to dresses and hoodies. We are your go-to boutique in every fashion emergency. If you love to dress up, we would love to deliver the perfect outfit.


 Unparalleled quality

When it comes to women’s apparel, quality and design are paramount. So, we choose only superior quality apparels to feature in our digital boutique.


 Profound customer care

We are a team of professionals who handle every client with love, patience, and care. Our team is all ears to clients’ queries and provides detailed answers.