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What’s the Difference Between a Roll Neck and a Turtleneck?

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If you are yet to embrace a roll neck or a turtle neck in your wardrobe thus far, then you are certainly not alone. Both of these items are pretty underrated pieces of a modern woman’s wardrobe. Roll necks and turtlenecks are both versatile pieces, essential for layering, as well as being able to work as a statement on their own. Dressed up or dressed down, they are items of clothing that can work for pretty much any occasion and nearly any season. But what should you choose when it comes to roll neck vs. turtle neck for your sartorial needs? Is there even a difference between a roll neck and a turtleneck?


Roll Neck vs. Turtle Neck


One main difference between a roll neck and a turtleneck is that a roll neck shirt or a roll neck jumper tends to be characterised by having a high and close-fitting neck on the garment that you wear folded over. A turtleneck in comparison is a top or jumper that has a high neck, but it doesn’t fold over, much like the Natasha Turtleneck from RuffledRaps, online casual wear Australia retailer.


Roll Neck


A roll neck is a piece of clothing that works very well as a transitional piece of clothing between seasons, as it can be worn in a number of different styles. It can be worn all through autumn to spring, and be a piece that can be worn smartly for work, but then dressed down for drinks with friends. Roll necks are often ‘chunkier’ than a turtleneck, and can be worn as a piece of clothing on their own, teamed with jeans or a skirt. Some roll necks can be extra chunky, making it look like you’re wearing a snood or a scarf, meaning that you don’t need to add that to your look in the winter, for example. There are many styles of thinner roll necks too, it is all about the look at the neck that you want, as with the rolled over neck and doubling up of layers, roll necks do tend to be a warmer item of clothing than a turtleneck.




In comparison, a turtleneck is also a good piece to wear when transitioning between seasons. Often a thinner or less chunky knit than a roll neck, it is a good piece to wear when layering outfits. For instance, moving from summer to autumn, you could wear a turtleneck underneath one of your summer dresses with tights and boots, to give your dress longevity, but still be warm enough for the weather of the season. Although they can be worn alone, with a skirt or a dress, they are more form-fitting than the majority of roll neck styles, so something to consider. That is why they work well when you want to layer clothing, worn under denim jackets or with a trench coat, as examples.


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